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Now this one is one of my favorites just because I’ll be real I love working with the client so much and a real pleasure to be apart of her vision. Tatiana Lee is a Disability model, blogger and activist, so designing for her I had to keep those with disabilities, i never really consider during design in focus.This came out during the designing of her Icon, which had to be simple, identifiable, scale-able, and still something that could exist in the high end fashion world. Then through a lot of research and conversations with the client we built a brand a website that both the client and her very mixed and growing audience love. and isnt that why this gets done?

The Logo

The Cards

Real talk, I love designing business cards. They are this little square of unique communication and interest. Mad important for any business brand or serious endeavor.  For Accessible Hollywood’s business cards I went with a sheek minimal look giving attention to her new icon with a classy and engaging back  holding all of her information.

The Progress

I ran through many, many, many, many designs to get to her final logo design. My inspiration really hit me when I stated modeling her icon after the classic wheelchair logo you see in parking spaces, amusement parks, and other events. I took that as my base and made something has an air of “exclusivity” that the high end fashion world loves.


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